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Every detail is important in front of the camera.  Distractions such as technical aids and devices are taboo - discretion and perfect speech intelligibility are the key here. 


With our in-the-ear communication system, annoying cables or beltpacks are a thing of the past.  Phonak's discrete in-ear receivers are used by television presenters, reporters, interviewers, actors and stage performers around the world. 


In unforeseen or hectic situations, they offer maximum security, as information can be transmitted discreetly and absolutely reliably. 


Sound control

A system, like a production, is only as good as the seamless interaction of its parts. That's why sound engineers choose Phonak in-the-ear receivers. Thanks to the most innovative technology, our communication systems impress with their quick installation and easy application.


Phonak's sound control solutions work without annoying cables or beltpacks. Due to their mobility, they offer a decisive advantage.

Film, tv, stage theatre

Precise timing, perfect coordination and coordination in front of and behind the camera as well as on stage are essential. Our in-the-ear receivers are used in many film and theater productions around the world, or in large live shows, to give the actors and actresses stage directions and text aids.


Thanks to perfect language quality, the stage directions are transmitted clearly to ensure a smooth process. The in-the-ear receiver Roger Earpiece from Phonak is invisible to the audience and guarantees maximum comfort for the performers.

Film Set


Lectures, meetings or press conferences can make even the most accomplished executive nervous. With our practically invisible in-the-ear receiver Roger Earpiece, you can get your message across without unnecessary stress.


It serves as a discreet helper in the ear in case the word of salvation or the crucial information should be missing.

Roger™ Earpiece System


The Roger Earpiece combines Phonak’s advanced digital audio technology with an ultra-small, discrete shape. This makes the receiver virtually invisible to cameras or an audience. It’s used without a belt pack or cables. The Roger Earpiece can be used all day long thanks to its light weight of 1.3 g and long battery life.

Discreet communication systems make your appearances on stage, television or in live programs even better. The Phonak Roger Earpiece in-ear receiver ensures maximum wearing comfort, is almost invisible to the audience and guarantees optimal quality when transmitting producer’s instructions and interview questions.


With the 2.4 Ghz protocol for wireless connections developed by Phonak, the Phonak Roger Earpiece System is easy to set up and even easier to use, thanks to the plug-and-play configuration. Aside from the earpiece, Phonak offers the Roger BaseStation, the Roger Touchscreen Mic, the Roger Multimedia Hub and Roger Repeater for unlimited flexibility, so as to provide a comprehensive system for studio professionals


Why Roger Studio?


The Roger Earpiece in-ear receiver ensures maximum comfort, is practically invisible to the audience and guarantees optimal quality.

  • Wireless
    Wireless receiver – no cables or belt packs required.

  • Invisible
    The micro size Roger Earpiece has a snug fit inside the ear canal and is basically invisible in front of a camera or a live audience.

  • Transmitter flexibility
    Roger Earpiece can be used both with the stationary Roger BaseStation and/or the mobile Roger Touchscreen Mic giving you the full flexibility for your production.

  • Speech clarity
    Despite the small size, the Roger Earpiece delivers an incredible sound quality. A large frequency bandwidth and up to 100db SPL output will ensure that you will not miss a clue.

Roger Studio Products

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